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Diversified Waterblasting FZE with a Difference with Runway Friction Testing before/after Rubber Removal with MK2 Grip Tester With the growing need for Friction Testing, we have invested in our brand new equipment of friction testing to be carried out on the runway either/and before or after Runway Rubber Removal. We have in our fleet of equipment the newest MK2 Grip Tester. Testing will be carried out in accordance with GCAA CAAP 32 at 65kmph at 3,6&9M either side of the C/L as per the clients requirements (6 runs). We will use the Diversified Waterblasting’s MK2 Runway Friction Tester (RFT) with trained and certified operators and all necessary equipment to operate and maintain the machine in accordance with manufacturer’s requirements. The machine is fully compliant with and listed within the GCAA CAAP32.

MK2 GripTester

Runway friction tester

The MK2 GripTester was launched. Design principles have not changed but, as technology has become more sophisticated, so has the GripTester's performance.

Design for all seasons

GripTesters are in operation in all regions of the world: arctic, equatorial and temperate. The GripTester's light towbar pull and low centre of gravity ensure safe, stable operation on winter and summer surfaces. The GripTester's low water usage saves time and resources when carrying out maintenance surveys. The GripTester's automatic water control system safeguards accuracy of results. The GTanker Trailer, which carries water for 20 km /12.5 miles of testing, facilitates creation of runway friction maps.

Flexible deployment

The GripTester's light weight, robust construction and reliable performance make it the most deployable runway friction tester in the world. New s easier to calibrate, operate and maintain. One person can quickly and comfortably prepare the GripTester, carry out a survey and create a runway friction report.

Data validation

Regulators and decision makers need to know the conditions under which runway friction tests were carried out. MK2 GripTester data includes measured parameters such as survey speed, water flow and survey track and operator-supplied parameters such as surface condition, weather and tyre type. The MK2 GripTester carries out a range of sophisticated selfcheck procedures.