Airfield Marking Removal & Rejuvenation Services

Whether you need paint entirely removed, or just the rubber removed from the paint, our equipment is highly adjustable and can do either of these tasks easily. We also have the ability to greatly enhance airfield markings by giving the markings a good cleaning making them look entirely new for a mere fraction of the cost and time.

Protection of Surface

The age, type, and thickness of a runway marking will determine the level of aggression required for removal. Our Stripe Bull Waterblasting Systems, operated by certified technicians, offer you the best option available in the industry today for effective marking removal with the least amount of damage to your runway.

Versatile Equipment Inventory

Our equipment inventory includes truck-mounted, self-propelled mobile and handheld removal systems perfect for each specific need, from gate markings to hard-to-reach areas in parking garages.

No Remaining FOD

Whether it is rubber deposits, curing compounds, or painted markings our vacuum recovery system leaves the surface clean and dry within minutes.

Runway Rubber Removal

Road Marking Removal

Airfield Marking Removal

Airfield Marking Removal

Territories Served: Middle East & North Africa

Services Provided: Road marking removal | Asphalt marking removal | Concrete marking removal |
Cure compound removal | Line paint removal | Tape removal | Epoxy removal | Thermoplastic material removal

Methods Used: Water Blasting | Hydro Blasting