Runway Rubber Removal

Runway Rubber Removal Services

Diversified Waterblasting provides runway rubber removal services in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and North Africa. Our fleet of Stripe HOG Waterblasting equipment can be mobilized by land, sea, or air to provide removals services for your airport.

Restoration of Frictional Values

The age and type of the runway as well as the thickness of runway rubber deposits will determine the level of aggression required for removal. Our Waterblasting Systems offer you the best option available in the industry today for effective rubber removal and restored frictional values. If needed, Diversified Waterblasting can perform friction testing both prior to and after the rubber removal process.

Removal with No Damage

Our fleet of Stripe Bull Waterblasting Systems provide the lowest cumulative impact force of any rubber removal method in the industry today. This impact force rating is one-half that of traditional waterblasting systems. Since there are no chemicals or detergents, the structure of the asphalt is protected from the aggressive dissolving action of chemicals and detergents. Without the use of rotating brushes, the surface of the runway is protected from the abrasion and polishing caused by steel bristles.

Only Water

We use only water with our removal process. No harsh chemicals or abrasion of your surface. The force of the water, combined with the microscopic nature of a water molecule, means that water can get in and out of the tiniest of pores. The water carries out with it the rubber previously trapped in the porous surface of the pavement.

Diversified Waterblasting

Driving technology for leading brands

Runway Rubber Removal

The 36″ cutting path of the Stripe Bull removes rubber at rates of up to…..

Road Marking Removal

Even the heaviest of rubber deposits are easily removed with ultra-high pressure water

Road Marking Removal

Only ultra-high pressure water is used in the removal process.

Airfield Marking Removal

The Stripe Bull SH8000 performing rubber removal at Abu Dhabi.

Certified Operators

All of our Diversified Waterblasting Technicians have a Stripe Bull® certification. They have completed the required operational and mechanical training necessary to perform ultra-high pressure waterblasting at the highest industry standards.

Consistent Results

Diversified Waterblasting technicians use the Waterblasting Technologies’ Stripe Bull® Waterblasting System, which provides consistent results every time without negatively impacting the surface.

Only Water

We only use water for the removal process. We never use harsh chemicals or abrasive brushes on your surface.

Environmentally Friendly

The final recovered waste water is filtered to 100 microns. Upon disposal, the solids (recovered rubber deposits or paint particles) are easily discarded into an appropriate container or dump site in a nearly dried state.

Vacuum Recovery

Our immediate recovery method does not allow the water and debris to resettle on the surface. This leaves your runway or roadway clean and ready for immediate use.

Emergency Compliance

In addition to our technicians adhering to our high safety standards in all our operational procedures, they can vacate and clear any runway within seconds of notification.